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Oh, the choices…

April 7, 2011
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blue and green

Beautiful, right? Snow on the Blue Mountains in the background, young buds in the foreground. Indeed, the season is in transition. The week has been beautiful, but today was chilly and mostly overcast. My fingers are crossed for a warm-up for friends and clients coming to town this weekend!

Today I’ve been thinking alot about sleeping in Walla Walla; not only that I could use a little more sleep myself, but how much I enjoy sleeping here. On my first trip to Walla Walla I took a chance and booked a petite vacation rental house not far from downtown. I chose this route because I had Deegan with me and liked the idea, for both of us, of having a little outdoor space to ourselves (always seeking to maximize time in the sun). I also thought a home would afford me a little more space to work. Remember, Walla Walla is work for me so that it’s fun for you.

As it happens, I stumbled upon the perfect home away from home. I have stayed here countless times since (every night that I am not researching a new B&B or inn); when I walk in, my shoulders relax and Deegan sniffs out the backyard. Like I said, home.

That’s the thing about Walla Walla – this home is the perfect fit for me. But there are countless options for your overnight. Vacation rentals (both homes and condos) are one segment of the opportunity set. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and are located everywhere from in the center of town to miles outside amidst the rolling wheat fields. One of my favorite jobs has been touring these homes to see if their online presence matches reality (a little like the challenge of online dating, I hear).

victorian B&B


urban living

carriage house 4 u

In addition to rentals, of course, there are more traditional B&Bs and inns. Walla Walla has some great options already: one B&B ships in cinnamon rolls from out-of-state to offer guests for breakfast; another offers a farm-to-table gourmet dinner; one inn offers the privilege of a private wine tasting; rooms are named for ducks, French wine regions, artists, grape varietals; some are city center, others are creek-side, and still others have pools! And there are new accommodations on the horizon…

Last but not least, Walla Walla does offer traditional hotels, from the upscale, recently renovated Marcus Whitman, to the other likely suspects (Best Western, etc.). Can’t deny the allure of a historic high-rise in the center of downtown with all the amenities, including breakfast, that the Marcus Whitman offers.

So there you have it. The Walla Walla lodging landscape. Overwhelming? I am here to help.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Walla Walla’s cultural offerings, there is a lot of news on that front to report!

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  1. Jeff Berger permalink
    April 7, 2011 11:23 am

    Another option to keep in mind (if you’re on a more limited budget like me) is to check out lodging just a few miles south in Milton-Freewater, OR. Our five-couple wine tasting group will be staying in a B&B there in mid-June and the difference in price between it and most Walla Walla B&B’s was noticeable. Plus…there are a few great wineries in M-F too! And NO! I don’t work for the M-F Chamber of Commerce.

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